3 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Water Efficiency

All of the water that has ever existed on the Earth is all it will ever have. However, while the amount of water on the planet remains the same, access to clean, potable water is declining due to a changing climate, drought, and pollution. In addition, water consumption and waste in the human system is increasing. Improving your home’s water efficiency in these three ways could help to conserve this invaluable resource.

1. Use a Tankless Water Heater

A standard water heater requires significant energy to remain heated. Additionally, each time you have to wait for cold water to turn warm, good water goes right down the drain. With tankless water heaters Pleasanton CA, you can save energy and water at the same time. These efficient heaters supply hot water almost instantly and offer an ongoing flow for showers and appliances.

2. Install Low-Flow Fixtures

Another great way to conserve water is to install low-flow fixtures. Showerheads and faucets manufactured after 1995 are designed to reduce the amount of water flowing through the aerator, but you generally won’t notice the difference when you turn on the water. Low-flow and dual flush toilets use as little as one-fifth the water used to flush toilets manufactured prior to 1995.

3. Reuse Your Grey Water

When you wash dishes or take a shower, the H2O you use typically goes down the drain and flows out the pipes as waste. However, this water can be recycled and used as a supply for toilets or irrigation, thus reducing the amount of freshwater you bring into your household. While you can certainly construct simple means of collecting your greywater, there are systems available that make the task easier.

Climate and environmental conditions, along with human consumption habits, is reducing the availability of freshwater on the planet. With as few as three simple measures, you can improve your household’s water efficiency, which can save you money while protecting Earth’s resources!