5 Ways to Better Organize Your Home

Not everyone was born with the cleaning gene. The instinct to put everything back is hard for some, leaving rooms messy than preferred. This chaos isn’t healthy, as it could increase anxiety and stress. Battle the craziness by using the following organizational techniques.

1. Add Shelving and Drawers

Clutter occurs when your valuables require a proper space. Create a structure that can house your items properly. Look into custom closet & cabinet designs Tampa FL to build a custom unit that suits your demands.

2. Embrace Baskets

Small items are hard to hide, and they make a significant mess. Use bins and baskets to sweep them off the floor quickly. Have a basket or two in the common areas. When they become full, return belongings to their proper location.

custom closet

3. Use Hooks

Backpacks, jackets, and keys hang easily on hooks. Choose a rack that matches your other decor and keep frequently used items on it.

4. Create a Cleaning Routine

Preschools rely on clean-up songs. These friendly reminders signal it’s time to pick up. At home, establish a cleaning system that works for you. Select a time when you want everyone to pitch in and complete some tasks. People may have specific jobs such as putting away shoes or picking up the clutter.

5. Label, Label, Label

Don’t hesitate to put a label on your shelves and baskets. You may know where things go, but other family members may not. Before the towels or toys are put in the wrong place, help everyone out by putting a label on the proper area.

As a bonus, this act limits the number of times you may be asked to find something. Make it a rule to read. Little one’s benefit from pictures, not just words. Teach your young ones to sort toys into the correct bins by using picture labels.

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