A few Confusing Things Explained

In life, things are not always what they seem, or they don’t always make sense on first hearing about them. For example, a jetliner taking off full of people and luggage just doesn’t seem possible. It all has to do with uplift and power, magically lifting the silver bird into the skies. Here are some other examples of things that might not always make immediate sense.

The Difference Between Bail and Bond

If you happen to get in trouble with the law, the judge might put you in jail and set your bail. This would be the price you need to pay to get out of jail right away. It could be $500,000 and you might not have that amount handy. This is the time to call bail bonds near me Allentown PA. The bond agency will pay your full bail to the court, and you will pay a percentage of that to the bond company. That is the bond. In other words, instead of you paying $500,000 in bail, you pay a percentage of that in a bond.

Bail bonds

The Difference Between Climate and Weather

Sometimes people confuse these two separate concepts. Weather is what is happening right at the moment. It could be rain or snow or sunshine and it could be warm or cold. Climate is the combination of weather over many years. It provides a good idea of what is likely to happen over a long period of time, but it is a poor predictor of what is likely to happen outside your door on any specific day. In other words, the climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.

The Difference Between Antarctica and the Arctic

The Arctic is in the far north, is made up only of ice, and has polar bears. Antarctica is in the far south, is a frozen continent, and has penguins.