Essentials for Car Emergency Kits

More emergencies happen in and to vehicles than you might think. Proper seasonal maintenance and good driving skills can keep many of these from happening, but it is a good idea to be prepared for everything from a flat tire to being stuck in the snow overnight. You can usually find standard kits to buy online, but it is also a good idea to inventory these kits and add stuff as needed.

Personal Supplies

Some of your personal emergency supplies will be standard such as a first aid kit, foil blankets for warmth and a 72-hour kit for food and tools. Others may seem out of place in an emergency supply stash such as contact numbers for mobile repair companies, a deck of cards and writing supplies. Being able to call a locksmith, for example, for a transponder key replacement in Huntsville TX can save you time and money over having to walk or be towed to a dealer for a new one.

Tire Supplies

In addition to a good spare tire and an iron to change a flat, you should also keep a sturdy and easy to use jack in your vehicle. Keeping a tire inflation pump and sealant in your vehicle is another way to fix a flat and is usually a better fit in your trunk than a second spare.

Electrical Supplies

A portable battery charger, spare spark plugs and fuses, as well as jump cables, are good to have on hand if something goes wrong with your vehicle’s electrical system. You can even put some electrical tape in your kit to help patch frayed wires long enough to take the vehicle in to a shop.

Emergencies happen in and to cars quite often and having everything on hand to contact help, stay warm and occupied during your wait or fix some problems yourself can be the best way to not only survive the problem but save you time and money in the long run. You can find kits and lists online to help get you started and even personalize these items to fit your needs.

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