How to Extend the Life of Your Natural Stone?

Natural stone is a popular and beautiful choice for your home. Stone can be found in a variety of places, from countertops, backsplashes, and even flooring. Wherever the stone is in your home, you want to take care of it to bring out its natural beauty and extend its life. Residential preventative stone maintenance Manhattan NY services can answer any questions you might have. 

Clean it Daily

Natural stone is susceptible to stains and warping and should be cleaned daily. If you have items that might leave marks on the stone, such as on a bathroom counter or flooring, use protective pads under the pieces. Natural stone is easily scratched, so dirt and debris should be wiped, swept, or mopped daily. Many multipurpose cleaners are too abrasive for stones, so it is important to choose one specifically formulated for stone. When wiping stone, use a soft cloth that won’t scratch it. 

Natural Stone

Apply a Sealant

Regularly applying a sealant to your natural stone helps prevent liquids from getting into the stone, which could cause a lot of damage. When using the sealant, be sure to apply it in no more than 3-foot sections. Applying in bigger areas than that could cause the sealant to dry faster than you’re able to deal with it properly. Immediately after spraying on the sealer, wipe it on the stone and buff the surface until it is completely dry. Not buffing it well enough could cause the surface to become hazy. 

Immediately Clean Spills

Spills are the bane of existence for homeowners with natural stone. Quickly cleaning up spills is important to avoid staining and damaging the stone. When cleaning up the spills, blot the stains instead of wiping them. Wiping them could cause them to spread, which could cause more damage. If you have a spot that is hard to remove, use a stone poultice. However, if the stain is too old or has gone down too deeply, the poultice might not be enough to remove it. 

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