How to Handle Your Acreage?

So, you just bought your dream property of a 100-year-old farmhouse on 10 acres of land. Good for you. Now what are you going to do with it? Many homeowners soon find that caring for acreage can be time-consuming. Find the right mix of land use and you’ll be able to better enjoy your property.


Most likely you will want to clear some of the lands. This could be for gardening, pasturage, or putting in a swimming pool. If you enjoy logging and digging up stumps, then this is the kind of work you can do yourself. Be sure to save the wood for a fireplace or wood stove later. In addition to clearing large swathes of land, you can clear trails Macomb IL through your wooded acreage. This will give you nice walking paths without destroying the original habitat. 



Of course you can plant crops or have areas of traditional landscaping, but you should also give some thought to planting a meadow. Initially meadows are a lot of work to establish. Once they are in place, however, and a few growing seasons have passed, they are magnificently low maintenance. They typically only need to be mowed once a year, at the end of winter. Meadows have the benefit of being not only beautiful but also a haven for wildlife and birds.

Micro farming

Earn a profit from your 10 acres with a micro-farm. These farms use a small amount of acreage, sometimes as little as one or two acres, to grow crops that are in high demand. Examples of popular microfarm crops include garlic, bamboo, ginseng, and oyster mushrooms. Each of these takes little space or special equipment. If you already have a barn or shed on your property, this could be a great option for you.

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