How To Store Red Wine At Home

Wines are interesting collections to keep, especially if you have a keen preference personal to your taste. It’s not just about buying red wines. They need to be preserved properly. When you open a red wine or any other wine bottle, the taste is likely to change because its chemicals come into contact with oxygen.

As long as you open or uncork your bottle of red wine, It’s inevitable because it’s a natural occurrence.  You cannot prevent oxygen from coming in contact with the wine, but you can always slow down the process. You can always get a red wine cooler to help preserve the flavor of your red wine.

One thing about wines is that a cheap bottle of wine tends to get spoiled when it has been kept for too long without drinking. On the other hand, a fine brewed luxurious wine can last for a long time if properly preserved, and its taste, quality, and value will increase.

When wines are not stored properly, they lose their taste and aroma.

Preserving a bottle of red wine or uncorked wine does not require any special skill.  A built-in wine fridge or wine cooler is an important property you should own in your house. It is always the best way to preserve wines.

Let’s look at a few ways to store red wine at home

1. Keep The Cork Tighten

Bottles of Red wines are produced in a way that allows you to drink them without removing the cork fully. This is a very good way to store and preserve your wine.

You have to stick a needle through the cork and little drops of wine scales through a designed opening on the cork. You can pour a little bit of red wine inside your cup without uncorking it.

2. Argon Spray

Argon is an inactive type of gas that you can spray over your bottles of leftover red wines. It can help preserve it for a long time without damaging or interfering with the taste of the wine. Always make sure you get a specific argon gas meant for wines.

3. Lay them Horizontally

One thing you should know is that the position a bottle of wine lays in the cooler or cellar can affect its shelf life.

 When bottles of wine are laid on their side, it helps the cork stay moist. A dry cork can cause the wine to get stale quickly.

4. Vacuum Pump

Some wine producers design their wines in a way that it has a vacuum pump and rubber cork. This preservation method helps to suck out any air trapped in the bottle of wine, and the wine taste will not be affected because of oxygen mixing with the chemical.

5. Keep Away From Sunlight

Always keep your wine in a dark place no matter how long you intend to store it. The UV rays from the sun can affect and change the taste of the wine, and this is not a good way to preserve your wine.

Vibrations from dishwashers or music players can also affect your wine, and you should keep your wine away from that. Vibration can affect the aging process of wine.


Red wine is a very special brewed kind of wine that can last long if they are well preserved. Unlike any bottle of cheap wine, they tend to become stale if preserved for too long. Always keep your bottles of wine at a good temperature and keep them away from sunlight.

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