Keeping Water Features Safe and Clean

Water features are popular elements to include in many design settings. From large commercial complexes to small private residences, aquatic additions elevate the feel of nearly any area. They can add a touch of class or rustic charm. They’re very versatile – and it’s important to maintain them to prevent any sanitary or safety issues. Here are some tips for keeping your water features in shape.

Don’t Get Caught in The Weeds

Weeds are a natural part of lakes, ponds, and rivers. They can be beneficial in some instances, but if they start to take over, it can cause problems. Some can become invasive and impede the growth of other natural plants. If you are struggling to maintain the vegetation yourself, it’s time to call aquatic weed control professionals. They can restore balance to your oasis and ensure that the water and shores remain healthy.


Maintain Water Levels

All landscapes with water will undergo some variation in water levels – this is normal and expected. It’s key to know when the levels are too low (or too high) so you can keep them safe and functioning properly. Evaporation is the main reason for water levels shifts, and the lost liquid often returns as rain. Additional factors can be weather changes, animals partaking of your water, and damage which leads to leaks. Keep an eye on the levels and amend as needed.

Pest Control

Nobody enjoys lounging in or around water when there are pesky mosquitoes other biting bugs. Stagnant water attracts these uninvited guests. If you have a fountain or moving water, be sure to keep it flowing to deter them. If you have a lake, pond, etc., then something can be added to create flow. Aeration fountains and systems are effective tools to keep your water moving and nuisance-free. They also help keep up the water quality, which you should test routinely.

Water adds a magical ambiance to every setting – as long as it’s clean and safe. Be sure to keep your water features well-maintained so that everyone can get the most out of them.

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