Old School Fabric Printing

In the early days of printing, fabric was a popular medium for printing. People even did their correspondence on printed fabrics. In this blog post, we’ll explore how fabric printing came about and what made it so popular in the olden days.

People were printing on fabric long before the invention of modern printing techniques

Fabric printing Hong Kong is a pretty new concept, but it’s not the only way to get your message out there. People have been printing on fabrics for thousands of years, and they’ve been doing so since the first written language was invented.

Later examples include medieval book covers made from fabric printed with religious scenes like St George slaying a dragon or dragons fighting knights over castles; these are believed to be from Italy or Germany (though some think they were produced in Turkey).

Block printing was common in India as well as Europe in the medieval era

Block printing was also commonly used in India and Europe in the medieval era. In fact, block printing is one of the oldest methods of fabric printing decoration. It was done with wooden blocks or metal stamps (the latter were known as chintz). Block prints can be identified by their simple patterns and bold colors.

Humans have a long history of printing on fabric

For thousands of years, humans have been printing designs onto fabric. The earliest form of this was “block” printing, which involves carving a design into a block and then pressing it against the fabric to transfer the image. The oldest known example of such an object date back around 4,000 years and was found in China (then known as Qin).

Block printing is still used today in many cultures around the world – especially those with strong textile traditions like India and Indonesia – where it’s seen as a way to protect ancient techniques from disappearing. In fact, some of these cultures consider block-printed fabrics so valuable that they’re only worn for special occasions or ceremonial purposes!


Printing fabrics is a very old technique that has been used since ancient times. It’s amazing to think about how long humans have been doing this, and it’s even more amazing that they are still using these techniques today! Printing on fabric was common in India as well as Europe in medieval times, when people used block printing techniques to make patterns on their fabrics. Block printing was also used for correspondence at this time because there weren’t computer printers available yet.