Qualities of a Good Neighborhood

A neighborhood can have a huge impact on any given person’s life. Whether it is the place you were raised, where you currently live, or your favorite place to visit on the weekend, a community has the power to shape who we are as individuals and how we view the world. In no particular order,


This one is the most important and the most difficult to attain. A community with a low crime rate does not just happen, and it takes work from everyone in the neighborhood and society as a whole. It is not enough for people to avoid snitching or doing anything that would get them ostracized, because they need to show support for those who are willing to put themselves at risk for arrests to be made when crimes happen.

Such an ideal situation is almost non-existent where neighbors distrust each other and often think that criminal deeds go unpunished even when they come forward. When a person lives in a place where they do not have to worry about being attacked while walking home from work or school, it can give them a sense of freedom and peace.


This goes hand-in-hand with safety, as both must be present for a neighborhood to feel safe and comfortable for everyone who lives there. A clean environment gives people pride in where they live, but it also lowers stress levels and increases mental health and a sense of well-being.

One way one can promote this is to hire a contractor to be picking up litter around us, recycle what we can to keep garbage out of landfills where it will stay for centuries, planting trees or flowers as planters a great source of beauty as well as fresh oxygen, cleaning public places like sidewalks and courtyards, and even just taking pride in the appearance of our homes.


This would include a sense of togetherness among neighbors, but it can go beyond this. It also means feeling like you belong somewhere and have a safe space where you can be yourself without fear of judgment or exclusion.

A community is different from a neighborhood because while some communities are made up only of people living in the same place, others might consist of people who live in various places around the world but still feel connected. Such a community extends past borders and boundaries and allows people to feel included no matter who they are or where they come from.


This can mean many different things, from having access to quality education in local schools, attending public universities for a reasonable price, or even simply having access to reliable sources of information on a variety of topics.

In certain places where conditions are harsh, such as warzones, it might be best for people, especially children, and young adults, to have an education online or via distance learning so that some form of engaging with outside cultures is still possible, despite how limited their physical mobility might be.


This usually only applies to those living in large cities, but it is still an important factor because people need public transportation if they do not live far away from where they work,

In some places, those who do not have a car might rely on others for rides that can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous depending on the person. In addition, some people would also benefit from having free access to computers and the internet.

If these qualities were present in a neighborhood, then everyone living there would feel safe and comfortable enough to live their daily lives without worrying about the most pressing issues such as employment and housing. Being able to walk around freely is worth more than almost any other type of support imaginable.

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