Home Improvement

What are some of the easy ways to makeover your home?

The home is the centre of our lives, around which every other activity revolves. As a single person, the home is where you call your ‘personal space’, where you can walk around naked (if you don’t have a flat mate, that is) or partially naked, all day long if you so desire. You can blast your stereo loudly, dance and sing offbeat, basically, be goofy and comfortable within that space you call your own.

As a married person, especially if you have kids around, you definitely won’t be walking around naked (eye-roll). But most people look forward to being home – to the laughter of the children and running feet, to the smell of delicious home cooked meals or rewarmed takeouts, to that place that keeps you grounded amid the ever-evolving, ever-demanding schedules that are common in the 21st century.

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