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5 Residential Problems That Home Inspectors Look For

Before you purchase a new home, make sure you have an inspector examine the property for potential problems. Since the investigator is a trained flaw observer, he or she can often locate issues most individuals would not notice. Here are five residential problems that home inspectors look for.

1. Roofing Problems

When home examiners were polled about the most common problem they noticed in residential reviews, roofing issues were listed among the top three. Whether it was apparent leaks, missing shingles, or broken flashing, roofing problems were widespread. Because of the potential for future damage, the issues should be addressed by a residential roofing St Louis company immediately.

2. Mold

Mold can stay hidden for years as colonies grow and flourish inside walls or under homes. Your residence can exhibit signs that mold is a problem that most people would never notice. That is why having a trained inspector look … Read More