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3 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber Right Now

Buying your first home is a great accomplishment. If you have been renting in the past, however, you may not realize all of the little things that can quickly turn into much bigger (i.e. expensive) ones if you ignore them. Plumbing issues can pose serious problems if left untended, which is why you should know the signs that mean you need to call a plumber in ASAP.

1. An Unusually Lush Area of Your Lawn

Sure, you may want a nice, lush, dark green lawn, but if there is one single spot that really stands out, you may have a leak in your waste lines. Contact a septic tank repair Fort Worth to diagnose and any issues right away. It just might help you avoid an entirely new septic system.

2. Peeling Paint in the Bathroom

Bathrooms can generate a lot of moisture and humidity, but they should not cause … Read More