What are some of the easy ways to makeover your home?

The home is the centre of our lives, around which every other activity revolves. As a single person, the home is where you call your ‘personal space’, where you can walk around naked (if you don’t have a flat mate, that is) or partially naked, all day long if you so desire. You can blast your stereo loudly, dance and sing offbeat, basically, be goofy and comfortable within that space you call your own.

As a married person, especially if you have kids around, you definitely won’t be walking around naked (eye-roll). But most people look forward to being home – to the laughter of the children and running feet, to the smell of delicious home cooked meals or rewarmed takeouts, to that place that keeps you grounded amid the ever-evolving, ever-demanding schedules that are common in the 21st century.

Some comments on review platforms like reviewsbird.co.uk showed that home makeovers are a common trend that many people engage in periodically. It adds a fresh outlook to the home, creates a change of routine, keeps the person involved in the makeover busy, and even serves as a bonding exercise for those that engage in DIY.

Before you commence, however, we suggest that you research extensively about home decorations, putting in mind variables like your budget, home products you have available, colours, etc. Here are some ideas on how to easily makeover your home without breaking the bank.


For some people, this is a difficult process, because a lot of products they keep handy might outlive their usefulness but are still kept around for sentimental reasons. That old, old couch you used in college that is falling apart? Dump it. That rug that has stains so embedded that no amount of cleaning seems to remove it? Dump it. Bedsheets that are going to shreds, but remind you of your first time as a mother? Please dump it.

A little clutter here and there goes a long way to make the house become overloaded with ‘useless’ products. Years of accumulated belongings can weigh down your home space, so make it a habit to declutter regularly, and you will be amazed at how your space will look different every time you do.

Paint the walls

This is a major undertaking and can be done with the help of a handyman or by yourself. A fresh coat of paint is sure to change the look of any space, as well as force the cleaning and rearrangement of such an area, leading to a makeover. If you are not changing your furniture but want to change the colour of your walls, we advise that you find colour schemes that will not clash with the existing pieces in the house but would rather complement them.

Play with the lights

Lighting is important to any space. It is used to set the mood of any environment: mellow lighting for reflective and serious engagements, vibrant and loud lighting for an all-out party. In the home, working with light pieces like chandeliers, table lamps, corner lamps and even the placement of the lighting products can be the difference between ‘just there’ and ‘wow’. You should try it.

Indoor Plants

Apart from improving the quality of the air in your home, indoor plants also add a look of being alive to any space they are found. It is like importing a little bit of nature inside your space, and this can have a calming effect. You can plant herbs or vegetables on windowsills, flowers in a pot at a corner or those small, lovely table top plants in fancy containers, among other options.

Use wall arts

This is perhaps the easiest and simplest way to makeover your home. This simple touch offers an abundance of options – personalized art, pictures of yourself, places and events, or even real art (professional or amateur) can up the look of any space. A note of caution: it is better to have rearranged the furniture pieces before the wall art comes in, as it becomes easier to place it in the most optimized spot in the room.

The above ideas are the easiest ways to makeover your home. If you want to get into an extensive makeover session, however, you will be considering changing furniture, renovating rooms, kitchen or dining, partitioning spaces, building cabinets, and others.

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