What Is the Purpose of Boat Rigging?

Rigging is an essential process on boats. It prepares the vessel for its intended use, be it something as specific as bass fishing or just for general enjoyment.

Marine technicians must possess an in-depth understanding of rigging, as they are responsible for installing and configuring all types of equipment and engines. Continue reading to gain all the details on boat rigging – its purpose, specific steps to follow, and more.

Rigging on a Boat?

Rigging refers to configuring a boat according to your customer’s needs and manufacturer recommendations. As you might imagine, this process differs for every type of vessel. Boat rigging refers to the various systems and components that are used to control the sails, rigging, and other parts of a boat’s operating systems. Boat rigging services involve the installation, repair, and maintenance of these systems to ensure that the boat is able to operate safely and efficiently.

Rigging a Boat: Outboard Rigging

Installing an outboard, also referred to as “rigging,” involves more than simply bolting it onto the transom. It involves connecting all necessary systems such as steering, throttle and shift controls, navigation/communication systems, engine management systems – plus much more!

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