Why Are Painters So Busy These Days?

Ever since coronavirus entered the world and stay-at-home orders were put in place, our painters have been extra busy. The increase of buildings and home renovations being done in ‘down’ time has kept our painters extremely busy.  We’ll run through the main reasons behind why hiring a painter can appear to be a difficult and lengthy wait at the moment.

1.Spending More Time at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has led to people spending more time at home. This allows many people to finally get around to home improvement paint jobs they had been putting off. Many people also might just want a simple change of colour in their home and finally have the extra time to do it.

2.Real Estate Turnover

Throughout the last 18 months to 2 years, we’ve seen an enormous real estate turn over. New buyers often want to transform their newly bought home to better suit their taste. A lot of the time this involves a new paint job to either or both the interior and exterior of their new home.


3.Selling Your Home

As mentioned above, there has recently been a real estate turn over. As well as new home buyers wanting to paint their new home to better suit their taste, home owners are also selling their homes. This often means a new paint job is needed before putting their home on the market. This is usually done to make the selling home more appealing to any potential buyers.

4.High Volume of Construction

No building is complete without a well-done paint job. There has been a high rate of construction lately building both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, there has been a high demand for professional painters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only a certain number of tradesmen are allowed onsite at a time. This has restricted painters being able to carry out their usual work.


Both businesses and homeowners have had the extra time to finally put their renovation ideas into practice. Each renovation comes with a newly done paint job, which has kept our painters very busy.

We understand that waiting for a professional painter can be frustrating. Our painters at Amazing Painting are keeping up with the demand as best we can. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional painter, call us or email us directly. We are happy to help you and always get back to you no matter how busy we are.

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