Radon – Myths Vs.Facts

Radon is a radioactive gas mainly produced from uranium beneath the earth’s surface. Radioactive particles are externally harmful to human health and have severe effects in the long term. Radon, a by-product of uranium, is just as harmful as other radioactive elements. The hazardous part about radon is that it exists in a gaseous form […]

The Do’s of Choosing a New Garage Door for Your Home

As you improve your home and build a garage, finding ways to keep it and your belongings safe is crucial. A garage does more than keep your automobile safe. You can use the space for several other reasons and make your home more functional. A garage door increases the relevance and functionality of the space. […]

The Best Villas with Pools in Eze Sur Mer

There is nothing like a luxury retreat in the South of France. With stellar restaurants, exceptional views, a rich history and one of the most vibrant cultures, the South of France are one of the only summer destinations where the rich and famous year-round for a reason. The boats all come to the South of France […]

Basic Office Furnishing Tips

If you are in the market for new furniture for your office, consider many things before you begin shopping. Planning out your office layout, setting a budget, choosing a brand, etc., are just a few things to consider for your office furniture. Here are some helpful tips to get started. The following are some general […]